Academic Enhancement Lessons

At Causeway Education, we offer lessons for every subject at every level.
We’ve specially designed all our unique materials to meet the needs of students across any curriculum in tutoring & consultating. Check out our wide variety of courses aimed at learning the skills and strategies you need to become a critically thinking success today!
  • I like the tutors here because they're like friends to me. Not only did they share with me the subject knowledge, but also their experience in studying and growing up.
    J.P. Hong Kong International School
    (AP Chem, SAT, History; Admissions Consultation)
  • I very enjoy the lessons in this center, and the teachers are interactive. They are well prepared, and clear concepts taught in the lessons. Furthermore, the teachers provided adequate amount of homework, giving great feedback on both school and coursework.
    H.L. South Island School Y13
    (IBDP HL Chinese, SL English and SL Mathematics)
  • Emerson is an excellent teacher and engages with students throughout the lessons. He assisted me with internal coursework and external examinations with a wide scope of clear objectives. He delivers well-prepared intellectual discussions with an enlightened learning atmosphere.
    A.Z. Diocesan Boys' School G12
    (IBDP SL English)
  • The teachers are well-prepared, and they provided a fun learning environment. The learning objectives are clear, they would provide helpful notes and it would help me to remember all the concepts and knowledge. The teachers would provide useful feedback, let me to have more improvement of my weaknesses.
    A.W. Victoria Shanghai Academy G10
    (IBMYP Science, Chinese, English and Mathematics)
  • My son’s SAT score improved for almost 200 after the 2 months summer training. We are coming back again in November for the Dec 1 exam and we are confident that my son can score even higher after the November training. The great thing about the SAT teachers in Causeway is that they are all very encouraging, supporting and understanding while they are able to deliver the exam skillsets and knowledge needed. For the SAT preparation in Causeway, I don’t have to remind or ask my son if he has done the work assigned by the tutors anymore. He is motivated and does everything automatically.
    The mum of B.T. Discovery College Y13
    (SAT English and Mathematics)
  • My teachers at Causeway are very prepared for the lessons and are ready to teach what you need to learn!
    A.C. South Island School Y8
    (Science, Geography)
  • The teaching methods are very thorough, and my teachers are always prepared in advance. The lessons are clear and aim to help me get the highest grade possible on my exams. The teachers are also very eager to boost my score!
    J.C. Cardiff University
    (GRE English and Mathematics)
  • Causeway Education consists of experienced teachers who embrace the modern and intellectual content of learning. The delivery of the lessons is excellent. If I were to give a score from 1 to 5, I would give a 6!
    N.C. West Island School Y11
    (IGCSE English, English Literature and History)
  • I attend Causeway to learn IELTS and improve my overall English. The teaching materials are excellent, and I love my teacher, who is very patient and knows how to motivate me! I get all the details I need for clear success on every section. Thanks!
    B.P. Concordia International School G12
  • Sybil is always very considerate and friendly. She knows how to teach at a moderate pace, and she moves on only after ensuring that I have understood the current topics!
    K.C. Canadian International School
    (IBDP SL Chemistry)
  • My teacher guides me to analyze diverse aspects of poetry. Her 'special formulas' are really useful strategies for organizing essays, especially when there are exam time limits. Thanks to her I/GCSE Course, I can share all of my ideas!
    J.C. Sherborne International UK Y12
    (IGCSE English Literature; GCEAL Biology and Chemistry)
  • Lessons at Causeway have allowed me to quickly progress at grasping key SAT skills. The teachers are very well-prepared, and the lessons are always very clear and helpful, as well!
    I.C. Eastbourne College Y12
    (SAT English and Mathematics)
  • D.S. Hong Kong Academy
    The centre is spacious and has provided me with a comfortable learning environment. I never knew that I could learn English in such a natural way!
    D.S. Hong Kong Academy
    (General English)
  • I.C. St Stephen's College
    The staff here are like brothers and sisters to me! They take care of my academic and admssion procress whole-heartledly!
    I.C. St Stephen's College
    (UK Admission)
  • H.F.S. Hong Kong International School
    My teacher is very patient with me and would bring in differnt interesting media that makes English fun! I am looking forward to my next class!
    H.F.S. Hong Kong International School
    (General English)
  • C.L. Chinese International School
    I felt that I could raise any questions and the teacher would always be prepared to answer them. The lessons delivery was great and he would wait for me to finish writing my notes before continuing, I enjoyed how straight-forward the course was, and how I could ask questions and either get a detailed answer or even more in-depth definition and description.
    C.L. Chinese International School
    (SAT Eng Summer Course; SAT Math)
  • A.N. Victoria Shanghai Academy
    The courses teach me practical and exam-oriented skills by providing me many mock exams and exercises. I would definitely recommend them to my friends!
    A.N. Victoria Shanghai Academy
    (ACT Mathematics & Science, English)
  • (Admissions Consultation)
    The consultant gave me professional advice on school selections and writing personal statements. I am thankful for his help!
    (Admissions Consultation)
    I.M. Diocesan Girls' School
  • C.H.T Diocesan Boys' School
    My friend recommended me to come here and it definitely worth my time!
    C.H.T Diocesan Boys' School
    (IBDP Chinese)

Courses – Languages & Humanities

  • To provide students with a strong working knowledge of literary genres and techniques within critical reading comprehension and creative writing.
  • Introduce new genres and their accompanying literary techniques to strengthen students’ understanding. Equip students with the knowledge necessary to effectively understand and reproduce different types of text.
  • G7-9
  • This course is aimed to elevate a student’s writing style through the introduction of complex literary techniques, as well as advanced writing structures, to facilitate composition. Increase the quality of written work by familiarizing students with the advanced writing techniques necessary for success ahead of secondary school.
  • Enable students to comfortably and confidently approach current and future challenges in writing, through interactive, skill-oriented sessions.
  • G10-11
  • To provide students with a strong base to further study in IBDP English
  • G10-12
    Historical Source Analysis is specially designed by our experienced team to strengthen your reading compression and inference skills in History.
  • From understanding the point of view of the author or the impact of the source on its intended audience to assessing implicit and explicit biases
  • Using three historical case studies to deliver our lessons
  • Skills are transferable to any type of document from any era
  • G11-12
    Drilling Courses for students with instant needs.
  • Exam-oriented to boost students' competence
  • Simulates real exam conditions
  • Tackles common mistakes for exam perfection
  • Administered by our Principal, IBO English Examiner Emerson Blais
  • Junior Mathematics

  • The Course content covers the most essential topics that would be covered in most international schools in the Grade 6 or IBMYP Level 1 Math curriculum, including Number Properties, Fractions, Algebra, Data Handling & Geometry.

  • The Course content covers the most essential topics that would be covered in most international schools in the Grade 7 or IBMYP Level 2 Math curriculum, including Ratio, Percentage, Straight Line, Solving Equations & Inequalities.

  • The Course content covers the most essential topics that would be covered in most international schools in the Grade 8 or IBMYP Level 3 Math curriculum, including Surds, Linear Equations, Simultaneous Equations, Transformation of Shapes.
  • Grade 9
  • The Course content covers the most essential topics that would be covered in most international schools in the Grade 9 or IBMYP Level 4 Math curriculum, including Properties of Solid Body, Linear Programming, Set Theory, Quadratic Equations & Functions.
  • Grade 10
  • The Course content covers the most essential topics that would be covered in most international schools in the Grade 10 or IBMYP Level 5 Math curriculum, including Functions, Vectors and Sequences & Series.
    We offer private individual lessons to students, enabling them to receive 1:1 coaching on the subject. All the lesson materials are tailor-made solely and wholly based on student’s ability and request. Students can also form a private group with friends studying the same subject!

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