Academic Tips

Our tutors hail from some of the most prestigious universities around the world and have years of tutoring experience inside the classroom – not just some fancy degrees. They are subject specialists, standardized test preparation experts, qualified examiners and even published authors.


  • US, UK, or IB, it’s important to know what’s ahead! Be sure to review all the required tests and assessments a year or two in advance so that you’re confidently ready when the time comes. Don’t procrastinate! Every curriculum gives you guidelines from the very beginning.

  • Every curriculum requires students to write a coherently organized response to one prompt or another. No matter what the subject or the level, you should familiarize yourself with proper Introductions, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusions. Try out the G.A.P. and P.E.E.L. methods of organization for an easy start!

  • In the past, you may have heard your teachers say, “Be a critical thinker!”, but what does that actually mean? Critical thinking is objective thinking. Avoid whatever biases you may have by constantly searching for evidence. Try to see more than one side to every argument, and you’ll more easily identify problems and solutions within any issue!
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