1.  All materials used in lessons by CAUSEWAY EDUCATION (“THE CENTRE”) teachers and subsequently distributed to students (worksheets, textbook copies, other documents, etc.) remain the property of THE CENTRE. Any reproduction, distribution or sharing of the materials without THE CENTRE’s written consent is prohibited. Some courses may require an additional fee for the purchase of textbooks and/or other course materials.

2.  THE CENTRE’s teachers may only teach and provide educational service at THE CENTRE’s premises.

3.  THE CENTRE’s front desk staff is responsible for handling all scheduling, primary academic consulting and payment related issues. To contact teachers and education consultants, please approach our front desk staff.

4.  Lesson rescheduling is granted under the following conditions:
a)  With at least 36-hour notice.
b)  The lesson should be rescheduled in the same month. If the lesson to be rescheduled is in the  last week of a month, the lesson should be rescheduled within 7 days.
c)  THE CENTRE will schedule the same teacher for the student. However, if a particular teacher  is fully booked, we will arrange an appropriate subject specialist for the lesson.
d)  Any price differences occurred when rescheduling a course lesson to a private lesson should  be settled before the lesson.

5.  For student sick leave, a doctor’s note should be provided and the make-up lesson should be rescheduled to an available timeslot within 7 calendar days of the corresponding lesson.

6.  Students are expected to complete all assignments from the lessons. This will help our teachers to monitor the student’s study progress and improvements.

7.  A progress report will be provided at the end of each term for students who attend four or more lessons. Any additional reports will be provided upon the academic team’s judgement.

8.  All lessons at THE CENTRE will be cancelled upon the hoisting of a Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal of 8 or above, or if the Black Rainstorm Warning is raised.

Classes will resume two hours after the above signals and warnings are lowered or cancelled, with at least four hours prior to the closing time. No make-up classes or refunds will be granted due to weather or other acts of nature beyond our control.

9.  For safety and security reasons, CCTV cameras are in operation within the school premises including but not limited to the front desk area, waiting areas, study area, classrooms and corridors. In addition, all personal data collected will solely be used for safety, security and relevant purposes.

10.  The payment should be settled at least 2 days in advance in order to secure the final availability of the lessons. Our current payment methods include:
Visa / MasterCard / American Express / UnionPay
Bank Transfer: Bank of East Asia Limited 015-51868005878 (Payable to Causeway Education Limited)
Online Credit Card Payment (PayPal)
Cheque (Payable to Causeway Education Limited) 11. THE CENTRE reserves the right to amend the school policies and all terms and conditions without prior notice.

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